FOI Request - Responsible Person Contact Details for ECO4 Flex

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I would like to make a Freedom of Information request for Responsible  Person Contact Details for ECO4 Flex declarations as per the ECO4 Order.

In Ofgem’s ‘Ofgem ECO4 Administration Consultation Part 2’ detailed at 'Chapter 6' of the consultation sets out the intention for ECO4 Flex under the ECO4 Order.

In Chapter 6 the consultation says from July 2022 Councils will be required to issue a Statement of Intent (SoI) and a dedicated responsible person would need to sign the declaration. The relevant part of the publication is:

6.21. From 1 July, a new SoI will be required from Local Authorities (LA) across GB to state their intent to participate in ECO4 Flex and a commitment that the signing LA officer will check and verify that declarations will be issued for households that match the criteria in the SoI. As with ECO3 SoIs, these would need to be signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or dedicated responsible person.

Relevant legislation
The Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order 2022 at   

Freedom of Information Request
The Freedom of Information Request that I am making is as follows:

1. Please could you provide details of the CEO or dedicated responsible person referred to in the consultation above. Requested details for the Responsible Person include
Full Name
Job Title
Email address
Telephone number

2. Please can you also advise on whether you

2a Accept applications from all appropriately Registered Installers
2b Accept applications from a defined list of installers (if this is the case please can you provide details)

Response 26-08-2022

1. Fiona Geddes, Acting Housing Strategy and Development Manager  email:  tel: 07976 494806  Address: Moray Council, PO Box 6760, Elgin, IV30 1BX

2a) No

b) We accept applications from installers who are currently participating in our HEEPS:ABS programme, currently being administered by Changeworks.

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