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Thank you for getting back to me, sadly your response fails to answer my questions.  Does it really take you 20 days to fob off a request with a link to a generic search site?  I have used that facility but could not find answers to my specific questions - can you therefore give me the link to the actual pages that answer my questions?  Can I also ask why 4 years after the development started you are still seeking information that was a specific requirement before work on the development could start?  If you are unable to answer my questions please supply an email address for lodging an appeal.  If you are unable to do this I will go through the ombudsman procedure or ask my questions through the media.

Response 05-08-2022

Following your request for a review, our ref: 101003114562, a review meeting of FOI Request – Planning Approval –  101003094670  was held remotely on 4th August 2022. In attendance were the Records and Heritage Manager, Condition Compliance Officer, Senior Solicitor and Information Co-ordinator.

Our response to your original FOI request received 16/06/2022 was discussed.

Regarding questions 1 and 2 we maintain that the information you requested was provided through the link given. However, for ease of reference please find the particular documents requested attached.  

With regards to questions 3-6 we can confirm that the information requested is not held. Nonetheless we could have made that clearer and should have stated that, under Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, Section 17 - Information Not Held was applicable. The information requested should have been submitted to the council prior to the development commencing, but did not have to be supplied for the application to be approved. We can confirm that this information has not yet been submitted, and its submission is being pursued.

Question 7 was answered in our original response.

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