FOI Request - HMO Licensing etc.

Request 101003144232 

I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2002.  I have been unable to find the correct individual to address my letter to, so in order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible:

1.  Who is the manager for HMO/ Selective/ Additional Licensing?
2.  Contact details for the manager - email address and phone number.
3.  What software are you using for HMO/ Selective/ Additional Licensing?  For example, Metastreet, Idox, Verso, Civica.
4.  What is the renewal date for the software contract?
5.  What schemes are you looking to introduce?

Response 28-09-2022

1.  Aileen Scott, Legal Services Manager/Sean Hoath, Snr Solicitor (Licensing and Regulatory).
2.  - 01340 -563030 (07761 375543)  - 01343 563077 (07929 785007) 

3. IDOX 

4. The contract is for support and maintenance for a multiple modules/online portals/connectors/document management/workflow/spatial covered by the one software supplier, IDOX. Service areas coved include Planning, Building Standards, Environmental health, Trading Standards, Estate Management, Licencing, address gazetteer to name a few. The start date of the current contract period was 01/04/2018 and is active through to 31/03/2023.
5. Only licence scheme being developed at  present is Short Term Lets.

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