FOI Request - Facilities Management & Utilities Benchmarking

Request 101003145179

I am compiling a register of all of England, Wales and Scotland’s local authorities’ data on their operational facilities management and utilities spend for the 2021 / 2022 financial year.  This follows on from a similar exercise I undertook two years ago.

I would be grateful if you could, as a request under the Freedom of Information Act, provide me with the data in the attached spreadsheet for your local authority.  I appreciate that there will inevitably be some discrepancy between the way different authorities hold the data and that, in some cases, it may not be broken down into these categories (where integrated contracts have been purchased for example).  However, if you could provide as much data as possible, I will manipulate it appropriately.

Again, my aim is to produce a summary report for all of the UK’s local authorities so that a meaningful benchmark can be produced to identify areas where authorities are efficient and areas where they aren’t – and any obvious mitigating factors around these anomalies.  Further, the repeat of this exercise from two years ago will also start to provide a trend analysis for each Council.

If your team would be interested in receiving a free copy of the summary report, please indicated in the appropriate place on the attached spreadsheet.

Response 30-09-2022

The response to your request can be found here.

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