FOI Request - Private Rented Sector

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1. Which council team is currently responsible for your landlord registration scheme?
2. Which team or teams are currently responsible for the council’s other statutory duties towards the private rented sector?
3. Please provide the job titles of staff whose principal duties involve private rented sector enforcement.
4. How many full-time equivalent posts were dedicated to private rented sector enforcement duties in 2012, 2017 and currently in 2022?
5. Please provide any research carried out or commissioned by the council since 2006 into the size and characteristics of its private rented sector.
6. Please provide information recorded about any activities including projects or initiatives undertaken since 2006 to promote and support private landlord compliance with the law.
7. Please provide information about any current activities, including any projects or initiatives to promote and support private landlord compliance with the law.
8. Please provide information about how any activities in Question 6 & 7 were funded.
9. Please provide either the current council strategy for the private rented sector, or with a remit which includes the private rented sector.  
10. Please provide information regarding which council team is responsible for Empty Homes.

Response 05-10-2022

1. Environmental Health

2. Environmental Health

3. Technical Officer
Home Improvement Services Officer

4. Two per year

5. None

6. Moray Council has been working with Landlord Accreditation Scotland to provide quarterly training courses for landlord to achieve accreditation or to expand their knowledge. Quarterly newsletters are sent to all currently registered landlord providing an update on currently legislation and requirements as well as answering FAQs to the department. This information is also released on Social Media and issued to letting agents.

7. All of the information above is currently ongoing.

8. Activities in Questions 6 & 7 are funded through income from Landlord registration.

9. The Local Housing Strategy is available online at:

This information is therefore exempt under section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information otherwise accessible.

10. The Environmental Health team is responsible for Empty Homes.

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