FOI Request - Business Ratepayers

Request 101003155384

Please could you provide me with an excel spreadsheet report showing details of every business ratepayer in your Council area and showing the following information:-

1. Name of Ratepayer
2. Address of Property
3. Description of Property
4. Rateable Value
5. Net rates Payable for 2022/23
6. Account Start Date
7. Type (if any) of any Relief/Discount awarded (separate columns if possible if there is more than one type of relief/discount) - including Charity relief, Small Business Relief, Retail Discount, Rural relief and any other type of relief
8. Amount of Relief/Discount
9. Empty/Occupied Indicator
10. Correspondence Address

Response 10-10-2022

Moray Council publishes quarterly information to its website detailing Non Domestic Rates properties. The next report is due next week and will be published soon after. The link to the current reports is:

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