EIR Request - Impact on Water Environment on FLS Land

Request 101003176192

This FOI request relates to complaints and incidents affecting the water environment on Forest and Land Scotland (FLS) land.

1. Please provide all electronic information (emails, records, documents, file notes, minutes of meetings, records of telephone conversations etc.) relating to complaints and incidents which resulted in pollution of and/or other impact on the water environment (including Private Water Supplies), on land under the management or ownership of Forest and Land Scotland (formerly the Forestry Commission Scotland) since 2017.

The information requested should specifically relate to complaints and issues involving forestry operations unconnected with wind farm developments.

Response 12-01-2023

No information held. No records of any complaint and no issues with water supplies on forestry land. This information therefore falls under Regulation 10(4)(a) of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 - information not held.

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