FOI Request - Energy Supplies

Request 101003177586

1. For the year ending March 31 2022, please provide your organisation's approximate total annual cost expenditure for grid supplies of:
a) Electricity
b) Natural gas

2. Please provide the current total number of supplies (billed meter points) for;
a) Half Hourly metered electricity
b) Non Half Hourly metered electricity
c) Natural gas

3. Please provide contact details for the procurement manager at your Organisation responsible for call-offs or awards of your current energy supply contracts, or where this person is no longer employed by your Organisation, for the relevant procurement manager currently in post. please provide their:
a) Name
b) Job Title
c) Email Address

4. Please provide contact details for the operational Manager at your Organisation primarily responsible for day to day management of these supplies & costs. This would usually be an Energy Manager, Estates/Facilities Manager, or similar. Please provide their:
a) Name
b) Job Title
c) Email Address

Response 01-12-2022 

Request Response
1a) Annual Spend 21/22 - Electricity £1,416,174
b) Annual Spend 21/22 - Gas £688,094
2a) No of Meters - HH Electricity 42
b) No of Meters - NHH Electricity 245
c) No of Meters - Gas 94
3a) Procurement Manager (Energy) - Name We procure gas and electricity through a national framework called Scottish Procurement.
b) Procurement Manager (Energy) - Job Title N/A
c) Procurement Manager (Energy) - Email N/A
4a) Energy Manager - Name Iain Highet
b) Energy Manager - Job title Energy Officer
c) Energy Manager - Email

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