FOI Request - Ukrainian Sponsorship

Request 101003179280

This request relates to the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme and the Scottish government’s Super Sponsor Scheme, which operate in tandem in Scotland.

1. How many hosts have supported Ukrainians through the Homes for Ukraine and/or Super Sponsor scheme in total in your area since the scheme began?
a) Please provide a breakdown by each scheme.

2. How many times has the council been contacted by a sponsor supporting a Ukrainian(s) through either scheme with a request to end their six-month placement early? Please provide a breakdown of
a) How many were terminated early across each scheme
b) Which party requested to end the relationship - the host or guest
c) How many included a family with children under 12
d) Brief details of the reasons given for ending the sponsorship without revealing personal details under GDPR for example ‘sponsor decided hosting was not for them after all’ or ‘arrangement became too expensive for sponsor’

3. Of those whose sponsorship arrangement has ended early, please provide a breakdown of what happened to the Ukrainian refugees, including if they were:
a) Housed in hotel accommodation
b) Re-matched with another sponsor
c) Registered as homeless
d) Other - if so, please specify what happened.

4. How many times has the council been made aware of complaints of sexual harrassment and/or assault within a household supporting Ukrainians through either the Homes for Ukraine or Super Sponsor scheme?
a) Please provide a brief description of what happened, without identifying details, and how the alleged victim has been supported since.

Response 22-11-2022

1.  44 hosts

1(a) HfU-44, SSS-10

2 (a)  11

2 (b)  All guests

2 (c)  8

2 (d)  1 host/Guest breakdown, 3 moved to other areas for work, 3 returned to Ukraine, 3 moved into long term housing, 1 re-hosted

3 (a)  Nil

3 (b) 1

3 (c) Nil

3 (d)  see 2 (d) above

4.  Nil

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