FOI Request - School Complaints Process

Request 101003180697

I am requesting the following information under freedom of information legislation:

For each of the past five academic years:

1. The number of formal complaints made against school teachers and staff?

2. The number of formal investigations carried out as result of complaints made against school teachers and staff?

3. The number of instances in which the investigation found the accused to have been at fault?

4. The number of instances which has resulted in disciplinary action being taken?

5. The number of instances a complaint has not been investigated?

6. The number of times the result of an investigation has been appealed?

7. The number of times there has been a complaint against the investigation process?     

8. The number of complaints raised against school management?

9. The number of investigations that have been referred to the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

Response 08-12-2022

The response to your request can be found here.

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