FOI Request - Looked After Children In/From Moray

Request 101003181892

1. How many looked were children from the local authority are accommodated out-with the local authority – please also break down this total figure by by which local authority they are accommodated in?
2. How many children looked after by other local authorities are accommodated in the local authority, in total, broken down by year, and broken down by year and by local authority the children are looked after by?
3. How many looked after children does the local authority have who are from English and Welsh Local Authorities?
4. How many looked after children were accommodated in the local authority under depravation of liberty orders?
5. How many looked after children under local authority care are in secure accommodation?
6. How many unauthorised absences were recorded in the local authority broken down by year, up to and including the most recent year you have complete data from?

Clarification sought 28-11-2022.

No clarifications received therefore request closed 18-01-2023.

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