FOI Request - Asbestos

Request 101003182513

1. Please can you provide details of the number of schools that have asbestos present in them?

Please delineate this number into a) nursery, b) primary and c) secondary schools.

2. Please also provide the total number of schools within the local authority.

a) Can you also please provide details of any incidents pertaining to asbestos exposure within schools since 2019? Please state the date and nature of the incident.

Response 12-12-2022

1. 41 schools

a) 24 nurseries - All nurseries apart from one are based within the primary schools.

b) 5 secondary schools

c) 36 primary schools

2. 53 schools (45 primary, 8 secondary) 

a) Incident in October 2019 where a cement panel was damaged at St Peter's Primary School in Buckie.

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