FOI Request - Provision of Period Products

Request 101003191935

I would like information on activities related to the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act 2021.
Please provide:
1. a list of all physical locations where the period products can currently be obtained, including the type of venue, address, and whether products are available individually or in bulk at this location
2. a list of any other distribution channels, such as online ordering, including a link to the website if applicable
3. the number of products distributed, with a breakdown by type of product (such as sanitary pads, tampons, reusable products) and distribution channel, since September 2021
4. the costs of products to the council, with a breakdown by type of product and distribution channel, since September 2021.

Response 09-01-2023

1. This is exempt under Section 25 – Information Otherwise Accessible and available e.g. published on a website etc:

2. As per above, more information available on the Pick Up My Period app.

3.& 4. The response to this request can be found here.

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