FOI Request - Legal Action and Costs

Request 101003192214

I am writing to you to request the following information.

1) The total spend, broken down by financial or calendar year, on external legal advice since April 1, 2020. (I.e. 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23 to date)
a) Please break this down by the list of associated cases or disputes, and their individual cost.

b) If possible, please provide the final settlement or damages or other court mandated payment cost for any cases during which external legal advice was sought. If it is not possible to link each case to a settlement agreement, please provide the total cost of the settlements or payments.

Response 16-01-2023


2020/21 £482,622.15
2021/22 £148,131.41
2022/23 £154,267.58

a) Unable to break down to individual cases but covers a wide range of issues – property transactions, planning advice/inquiries, work related to flood schemes/social work/child care issues, employment advice advice/tribunals, debt recovery work

2) Spend in 2020/21 included a flood compensation settlement of £360k

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