FOI Request - School Libraries

Request 101003192329

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act to request the following information about your school library service.
If your school libraries are run by a leisure trust or other arms at length body please provide the FOI email address we should contact instead.

Please provide:
1. Total number of secondary school librarians and total number of secondary school library assistants (or equivalent job titles but working within the school library setting) that you employ?
2. How many secondary school libraries do you have in total?
3. What qualification level do you ask for when recruiting for your secondary school library positions?
4. Are your secondary school librarians full time or term time only (or a different model)?
5. Do you have any primary school libraries and/or dedicated staff for them?
6. Do you have a central Education Resource Service that support your school libraries?

Response 05-01-2023

1. 7
2. 7
3. Degree / Postgraduate Diploma in Library & Information Studies 

4. Term Time 

5. Primary Schools do not have dedicated libraries.
6. The Council's Libraries Service support the school libraries with stock management.

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