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1. Does the council provide adults and/or children services? If so, which case management system is used for each(e.g., Mosaic, FRAMEWORKi and Care Director).

2. What, if any, business intelligence software do you use against the above systems(e.g., Tablio, PowerBI and Business Objects)?

3. If you use PowerBI, how do you access the underlying data? For example, is it via a data warehouse, using dataflows or direct access etc.

4. Do you use a KPI management system to collect internal indicator data, commentary etc?

5. Can you briefly describe the process around how you collect internal KPI data and commentary etc?

Response 06-01-2023

1. Adult, Children & Families/Justice Service use Carefirst 6

2. Business Objects is used to pull reports from the data in Carefirst.

3. While Power BI is available within the Council, the above-mentioned departments do not use it.

4. Moray Council use Ideagen 'Pentana Risk' Cloud-based Performance and Risk Management software to record and monitor Performance Indicators, Actions and Risks for services within the Council.

5. Health and Social Care Moray records performance data for the delivery of healthcare and Social Care. The data come from a variety of sources and are recorded on the Council's performance management software (the system we use is Pentana Risk) and on NHS Health Information dashboards. This data in most cases is compiled by the Performance Team and entered into Pentana, although a few services enter their data directly. Reports are provided to meet routine management meetings as required, but are also presented to quarterly meetings of the Moray Integration Joint Board,  the Audit Performance and Risk Committee, and the Care and Clinical Governance Committee.

An annual performance report is published and available online:

Data is also reported to Scottish Government to report performance against national indicators and outcomes.

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