FOI Request - Grit Boxes and Funding

Request 101003197346

Under FOI I would please like to request the following:

1. How many girt boxes/grit bins currently exist in the local authority.
2. How much has the local authority spent on grit box/ grit bins since 2017-18, please provide a breakdown by year.

Response 12-01-2023

1. Within Roads Maintenance – 790  In Other Council Departments - 138 

2. Please note this is the combined expenditure of Grit Piles and Grit Bins. We are unable to differentiate between the two. Additionally expenditure only reflects Roads Maintenance Department and does not include other Council Departments.

2017/18: £72570.63
2018/19: £72776.81
2019/20: £102197.06
2020/21: £62765.41
2021/22: £69659.85
2022/23: £11176.31 – Please note this is the current financial year and will change as the winter season goes on.

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