FOI Request - Council-Wide ICT/Digital Survey

Request 101003200516

1. Has your Council undertaken a Council-wide ICT/Digital survey of your workforce?

Yes / No

If Yes to Question 1, please complete the questions 3 - 8?

If you answered No to Question 1, please answer Question 2 only?

2. - Do you intend to carry out a Council-wide ICT/Digital survey with your workforce i.e. to assess Services’ ICT/Digital requirements and satisfaction with ICT/Digital services etc. (please note this list is not exhaustive)?


3. Which year was the survey carried last out?

4. What was the overall response rate?

5. Please provide a copy of the survey questions/questionnaire?

6. Please provide details of the results - redacting any information as required within legislation?

7. Please explain how the survey was promoted amongst staff?

8. If you have digital champions within your organisation, were they involved in promoting the survey and encouraging your workforce to participate in the survey?

Yes/No/We do not have Digital Champions

Response 24-01-2023

1. No

2. Yes

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