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Request 101003203710

1. Can you tell me if you need a special licence to keep, breed and sell snakes and other reptiles within a private house in Moray?  

Response 27-01-2023

1. A licence would be required which is called selling animals as pets licence. The application form is available on our website  .  The fee is
£224. This licence lasts for 3 years.

However, if any of the species below are involved then they are classed as dangerous wild animals.
A separate licence is required just to keep dangerous wild animals and they cannot be sold as pets. 

Lizards and snakes
Family Atractaspididae : all species of the genera Atractaspis . Burrowing asps (also known as mole vipers, or burrowing vipers)
Stiletto snakes
Family Colubridae :
all species of the genera Malpolon and Thelotornis
the species Dispholidus typus, Rhabdophis subminiatus, Rhabdophis tigrinus, Elapomorphus lemniscatus, Philodryas olfersii, Tachymenis peruviana, Xenodon severus (a)
All rear-fanged venomous colubrid snakes of the specified genera (including montpellier snakes, the false cobra, and twig or bird snakes)
the boomslang, the red-necked keelback, the tiger keelback (also known as the yamakagashi or the Japanese tiger-snake), the Argentine black-headed snake, the South American green racer, the Peruvian racer (also known as the Peru slender snake), the Amazon false viper (also known as the false fer-de-lance)
Family Elapidae : all species Front-fanged venomous snakes of the specified family (including cobras, coral snakes, kraits, mambas, whipsnakes, death adders and all other Australian poisonous snakes)
Family Hydrophiidae : all species Sea snakes
Family Helodermatidae : all species Gila monster
Mexican beaded lizard
Family Viperidae : all species Front-fanged venomous snakes of the specified family (including adders, the barba amarilla, the bushmaster, the fer-de-lance, moccasins, rattlesnakes and vipers)

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