FOI Request - Pay of Chief Executives

Request 101003207666

1.     Has your organisation hired an interim chief-executive officer(s) in the past five  years (from now up until January 2018)? If this is the case, please provide their names and the dates they held the position for (if more than one interim CEOs have been in place over the past five years, please give the dates both held the position? If an interim CEO is currently in place, please make this clear.

2.     For each interim-CEO who was in place, please provide their pay (before tax). Ideally, this will be given as a daily rate – however, if this is not achievable, please provide a monthly salary or an annual one. Please include any bonuses awarded to the individual(s) during their employment. If an interim-CEO is currently in place, please provide the number of months they are expected to serve and how many of these have been served so far. If their pay changed over their term, please clarify when and how it was altered.

3.     Please provide the salary of the current chief executive (full-time not interim). If an interim-CEO is currently in place, please provide the annual salary of the most recent permanent CEO and the dates they were in the position for. As above, please provide any bonuses awarded to the CEO in this period. If the individual’s salary changed over the five year term, please make this clear.

Response 31-01-2023

1. No 

2. N/A


01/01/2018 £107,745
01/01/2019 £109,345
01/01/2020 £112,625
01/01/2021 £116,804
01/01/2022 £116,804

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