Moray Local Development Plan 2027 - Shaping the Future of Moray

Work on the new Moray Local Development Plan has started and we expect to adopt this in 2027. The LDP will shape how land and buildings are used over the next 10-20 years which impacts on people's lives including work, travel, access to open space, play and health.

How you can get involved

There are a range of engagement activities and ways that you can help shape the new Local Development Plan. These will include

Why get involved

The Primary purpose of engagement is to help shape future land use and development across Moray through to 2037. Your views and ideas can help shape the future of Moray by helping us to plan for jobs, travel, open space, infrastructure and facilities.

Local Development Plans are statutory documents which guide the future use of land. They set out policies and proposals for the future development and use of land. They indicate the most appropriate locations for new development while also protecting places people value or are environmentally sensitive. They are the basis for assessing and determining planning applications. The Local Development Plan will support the planning and delivery of:

  • Sustainable places, where we reduce emissions, restore and better connect biodiversity; 
  • Liveable places, where we can all live better, healthier lives; and 
  • Productive places, we have a greener, fairer and more inclusive wellbeing economy.

As the people who live and work in a place you are best placed to tell us what you think. Your knowledge and ideas are a key part of the preparation of the Local Development Plan as they will inform policy and strategies for the growth of towns and villages. Your knowledge and ideas can help guide decisions about what land is used for and what facilities/infrastructure is required. It is therefore important to get involved at an early stage to ensure your ideas and thoughts inform the direction of the plan from the very outset.

How we’re developing the new plan

Our Development Plan Scheme was published in December 2022.This sets out

• The steps in preparing the next Local Development Plan
• How communities and stakeholders will be engaged
• The timelines for preparing the next Local Development Plan

Read the 2022 Development Plan Scheme


New planning legislation makes significant changes to the approach to preparing local development plans including the role of the National Planning Framework 4. The aim is to make them more effective, with greater community involvement and more focus on delivery. More detailed timescales are set out within the 2022 Development Plan Scheme but are summarised below.

• Gathering data to inform direction of plan and engagement with communities and stakeholders – 2023
• Publish Evidence Report and submit to Scottish Ministers for review (a step referred to as a “gatecheck”) – 2024
• Prepare and publish Proposed Plan for consultation - 2025
• Examination of plan - 2026
• Adoption of plan - 2027

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