Call for Ideas - Moray Local Development Plan Review


Moray Council is preparing a Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) and a new Local Development Plan (LDP).  This will set out the long term vision for Moray. The first step in this work is to invite people to share their ideas, thoughts and views about how Moray should develop over the next 10 years and beyond. The RSS and LDP will shape how land and buildings are used which impacts on people's lives e.g. work, travel, access to open space, play and health. 

The Call for Ideas is looking for your input to help shape Moray as a whole (i.e. spatially) and your place (locally). This could include the following:   

• Your big ideas for Moray – do you have a vision of Moray in 10-20 years or an idea for a big innovative project
• Your ideas on how to make your neighbourhood or community better
• Your ideas on how we can tackle the climate and nature crisis
• Your ideas on what landscapes and open spaces should be safeguarded from building
• Your ideas to help support town centres and regenerate previously used land or buildings
• Your ideas to encourage and facilitate employment, business and industry
• Your ideas to support rural areas
• Suggestions of what land should be developed over the next 10-20 years

How and when to submit your ideas?

The Call for Ideas has now closed. 

Who should respond?

Anyone who has an idea or view on shaping Moray. This could include:

• Individuals
• Businesses
• Landowners, Developers or builders
• A community group or body

Community Bodies could also prepare a Local Place Plan setting out the community’s proposal for the development and use of land. For more information on Local Place Plan visit

Over the coming months there will also be other opportunities to share your thoughts including community mapping events and drop in’s that will be held across Moray. Details of events will be published shortly.

What should you submit?

To help us understand your idea it is important to give us a statement with particular focus on the “what, where and why” of your idea. The statement can be accompanied by photos, plans or illustrations that help support and justify your idea.

Ideas for areas to be safeguarded must also be accompanied by a plan showing a boundary of the area with a statement detailing why the area should be safeguarded.

Ideas for new sites for development must be accompanied by a plan showing a boundary of the area with a clear statement of the intended use of the site and any information on site infrastructure. 

What will happen with my submission?

We will review your ideas and feed them into our thinking for the new Local Development Plan and Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS). We will summarise your ideas and report these to the Planning and Regulatory Services Committee. A summary of the Call for Ideas and responses received will be included within the Evidence Report. Preparation of the Evidence Report  involves gathering a wide range of data and information to inform what to plan for and is the basis to build the Local Development Plan. Engagement with local communities and stakeholders forms part of this work. The Evidence Report is then submitted to Scottish Ministers for review (a step referred to as a “gate check”).

We will review proposed development sites and revert back if further information is required.

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