The Joint Community Councils of Moray (JCC)


The Joint Community Councils of Moray (JCC) is a non-statutory organisation which was originally formed as a vehicle that enabled Moray Community Councils to meet to air problems and exchange information on what was taking place in the different Community Council areas.

In 1999, the JCC became one of the original partners in the Community Planning process in Moray. As Community Planning progressed over the years the JCC became more heavily involved and it was felt that to maintain credibility as more Partners took part in Community Planning there was a need for the group to become
more formal so the JCC became constituted in 2005.

The JCC attempts to relay the views of its Members in all areas of Community Planning as a full partner and is represented on the Community Engagement Group.  Also, when an issue is raised that affects a number of Community Councils, or indeed is Moray-wide; the JCC will represent the Moray Community Councils with a single voice to the Scottish Government through continued contact with MSPs over the years.

JCC meetings take place quarterly but if necessary a special meeting may be called to discuss / resolve a time-limited issue. It has become customary for Community Council Members to have two representatives at meetings but it has been opened to all members from Moray.

The JCC attempts to have an interesting visitor to speak at meetings when possible and Elected Members are also welcomed. Further details including meeting dates
can be obtained from the Community Council Liaison Officer.

Representatives will be nominated to attend meetings and provide feedback and two-way communication between their Community Council and JCC.

The JCC also have a role in The Community Councils of Moray Complaints Procedure.  The investigation panel of a stage 2 complaint is made up of members from across Moray.

Chairman: Mr Alastair Kennedy

Contact Information: Community Council Liaison Officer


2024 Meeting Dates: 08 February, 09 May, 08 August, 14 November

Meeting Venue: Venue to be confirmed for each meeting

The Energising Communities Conference was held on 3rd May 2019 through a partnership between The Joint Community Councils of Moray and Moray LEADER. The conference was funded by Moray LEADER and refreshments were funded by Force 9.

We heard from a wide range of experienced and inspiring speakers from support bodies and from those running successful community energy projects and providing funds to make real changes in their communities.

Along with the wealth of information on the day, a mandate emerged for The Joint Community Councils of Moray to set up a working group to gather organisations in Moray together to look at taking forward community renewables and setting up an independent Moray wide body to make investments.

The speakers’ presentations Energising Communities pdf download

3 May 2019 Energising Communities Report

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07890 275547

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