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Our Website has accessibility options, which will help you use and navigate around the site


There are several features on our Website, which will help you navigate around it.

  • Banner - at the very top of the banner there is a skip to main content link, links to allow you to change the font size and links for a normal or high contrast version of the site. On the right hand side of  the banner you will find the Search facility, which will search all the content on our website including committee minutes and agendas and a "Find My Nearest" search where you can add your postcode to find your nearest council office, school, library and more. Under the search box you will find tabs to Pay, Report, Request, News and Contact. and beneath them an A to Z of Services. The banner is found on all pages throughout the website.
  • Home - On the main part of the home page you will see a "Spotlight" box which is used for highlighting a key event, new services or changes to a service.  Underneath the Spotlight box there are nine boxes which relate to our most popular services and within these boxes links to that sections most popular topics. Beneath that is a box called "More Services" which link to our other service areas. At the bottom of the page there is a slot for our Twitter feed and slots for Webcasting and Current Consultations information.
  • Landing pages - the landing pages are laid out like the home page with boxes containing links to that sections most popular services, Under the boxes you will find a slot called "More Services" which contains links to other related content. There are also slots for Online Services, "Documents and External Links
  • Standard Web Pages - having chosen one of the links from the landing page you will be taken to a standard web page, which will have information about a particular service. On the left hand side you will see a navigation list which which will give you further options relating to that service. At the bottom of each of these service page you will see slots for Contact Us, Online Services, Documents and External Links.
  • Breadcrumb Trail - to help you navigate through our site there is a breadcrumb trail situated under the banner on the left hand side of the screen.
  • A-Z - this list of services gives details of council and other services. Use the alphabetical list to choose a section of the alphabet e.g. S once you have chosen a particular topic from the index page for example schools you will be taken to either a services page, which will give you contact details and links to related information or straight to the services standard web page.
  • Links within Page Text - on standard web pages you will also find either blue words or blue underlined words within the text on our web pages, which are hyperlinks, if you click on these words you will be taken to more detailed information.
  • Footer - On the Footer we have the contact details for the council and links to information on Accessibility, Legal Notices, Translation, a Cookie Control notice and a complete list of our main service areas.
  • Social Media - The links to our Social Media sites are found on the Footer together with links to partner organisations.


The Search facility allows you to search for specific information. You will find a Search box on the banner of Home page and on other pages you will find the Search link on the top right hand side of the banner. 

File Downloads

  • PDF documents - we do have links to PDF documents. To view these you will need to have the Acrobat Reader software. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software and can be downloaded here (this link opens in a new window)
  • Microsoft Word format - We also publish some documents in Microsoft Word format - to view and print Microsoft Word files, you will need to have installed Word on your PC or you can download Microsoft Word viewer software.


If you have any questions or are having problems using the site please Email

Within our pages you will find Email addresses where you will be able to send an enquiry directly to a particular service.

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