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Working with Numbers

Would you like to brush up on your number skills?

Will you do anything to avoid working with numbers if you possibly can?

Lots of us have a fear of "maths", and yet we use number skills every day. We use money, check bus or train timetables, pay our bills and go shopping. We use numbers when we're doing DIY or home decorating, working out how to double up a recipe or measure up for some curtains. We often refer to these practical uses of number skills as numeracy. It means having the skills to do what we want to do.

A lot of people don't feel confident with using numbers and things like metric weights and measurements can be a mystery.  Improving your number skills can help you with your household budgeting, with spotting what's the real bargain in the supermarket and with getting jobs done around the home and garden. Is a fear of numbers stopping you from doing something you'd like to do, like applying for a course or a job? Adult & Family Learning Team tutors can help!



Adult and Family Learning is now taking part in the UK-wide Multiply project. Multiply offers easy access to free numeracy courses and initiatives that can help you brush up your maths. If you’re aged 19 or over and do not already have a GCSE or National 5 in maths, Multiply is available to you.

Working on your numeracy skills with Adult and Family Learning can:
• Build confidence
• Get over maths anxiety
• Manage your money better
• Help you to help your kids
• Get a qualification and beef up your CV

The Adult and Family Learning team offers one-to-one, group learning and family learning sessions. It’s informal, friendly and free.

Where to Get Help

Adult & Family Learning Team tutors can help you master the numbers in your life. Get in touch and we can arrange an informal meeting to find out what you want to learn.

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