Sports Development

Who we are

Sports Development lies within the Lifelong Learning, Culture and Sport Section of the Education and Social Care Department. The team is made up of the Sports Development Officer, Rugby Development Officer, Community Sports Hub Development Officer, Macmillan Move More Development Officer and a team of Sports Coaches and Assistants.  

Vision and Outcomes

A number of agencies and organisations in Moray devised the Physical Activity, Sport and Health Strategy for Moray 2016-2026. The vision of this strategy is ‘Physical Activity and Sport are embedded in the lives of the Moray community’.

The five Outcomes of the strategy are as follows:

  • We provide a strategic approach to the operation and management of our sport and leisure facilities (both natural and built environment)
  • We encourage, enable and support opportunities for people in Moray to participate, progress and achieve in sport/physical activity
  • We develop, support and strengthen both the paid and volunteer physical activity and sporting workforce in Moray
  • We recognise, highlight and showcase how sport/physical activity can benefit people and the local community and how it is intrinsic to daily life
  • We provide strategic direction, co-ordination and support to achieve our vision of embedding sport and physical activity into the lives of the Moray community.

What we do

The Sports Development Team undertake a variety of duties within their remit. The following are some key areas where they focus their efforts:

Children participating in a sport session

  • providing activities for people of all ages to participate in
  • supporting sports clubs to thrive and develop
  • train and mentor sports coaches and volunteers
  • develop partnerships to pull resources, skills and expertise together for the benefit of the community
  • developing talent and excellence in sport.


Community Sports Hubs

Community Sports Hubs focus on the clubs and other local organisations that want to work together to improve the sport offered in their local community.

A community sport hub is focused on the clubs around a sport centre, community centre, school, park or a playing field pavilion.  In some cases a community sport hub combines a number of these places, or it may simply centre on a single-venue hosting many clubs. The 'hub' is essentially a collective of progressive sport clubs working together in a local community.

Each community sport hub is unique but the common thread is that each works to the following five principles:

  • Growth in participation
  • Engage the local community
  • Promote community leadership
  • Offer a range of sporting opportunities
  • Bring all appropriate (key) partners/ groups/people together.

Each community sport hub develops their own vision and values to ensure all involved are clear on the work they will do together, which is detailed in a simple, clear plan to improve the sport on offer.

For further info on the Sports Hubs visit  

Working with Partners

We work with a range of public, private and voluntary partners to assist in the implementation of the Physical Activity, Sport and Health strategy. Some of these partners include Third Sector Interface Moray, Outf!t Moray, SportScotland, NHS Grampian, Forestry Commission, Moray College UHI, Moray Leisure Centre, Moray Sports Centre, sportMoray, national governing bodies (NGBs) of sport, and Paths for All.

Contact Details

The Sports Development Team comprises the following staff:

Sports Development Officer
Tel: 01343 563657    Mobile: 07800 670675

Community Sports Hub Development Officer
Tel: 01343 563644    Mobile: 07970 974857

Rugby Development Officer
Tel: 01343 563894   Mobile: 07527 387549

Caroline Van Der Heiden
Macmillan Move More Development Officer
Tel: 01343 563642     Mobile: 07870811263

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