Heldon Community Council

Chairperson: Jim Mountford

Secretary: Mary Evans

Email: jim893@btinternet.com

Contact details for chairperson and secretary can be found here (downloaded as a PDF)

Meeting Details: Due to Government restrictions the information below may have changed, contact the Community Council directly for information.

Venue:  Various in the area
Meeting Dates:  Tuesday
Frequency:  6-weekly
Time: 7.30pm

Area Covered

Community Council 9 - Heldon

9A Dallas (2 seats) - Dallas, Kellas
9B Fogwatt & Birnie (4 seats) - Fogwatt, Birkenhill, Birnie (excl. Glenlatterach), Thomshill, Clackmarras, Longmorn (excl. Gedloch)
9C Duffus (2 seats) - Duffus, Gordonstoun, Roseisle (north), Bank of Roseisle, Waterton
9D Alves & Roseisle (4 seats) - Alves, College of Roseisle (south), Coltfield, Cloves, Newton
9E Miltonduff & Spynie (6 seats) - Miltonduff, Spynie, Quarrywood, Findrassie, Pluscarden, Barnhill, Kintrae, Mosstowie, Pittendreich

Download Map (PDF) Oct 2021-2025 


18 seats total, 9 members required as minimum.

  1. Willie Duncan (Fogwatt & Birnie)
  2. Mary Evans (Duffus)
  3. Sally Hodder (Miltonduff & Spynie)
  4. Denise Kelly (Alves & Roseisle)
  5. Joanne Kirby (Miltonduff & Spynie)
  6. Alex Lyons (Alves and Roseisle)
  7. Bill Mustard (Fogwatt and Birnie)
  8. Kenny Milne (Miltonduff & Spynie)
  9. James Mountford (Dallas)
  10. Lyndsay Smailes (Miltonduff & Spynie)
  11. Colin Souter (Miltonduff & Spynie)
  12. Hilary Stewart (Alves and Roseisle)
  13. Neil Sutherland (Dallas)
  14. Simon Williams (Alves and Roseisle)
  15. VACANT
  16. VACANT
  17. VACANT
  18. VACANT

Associate Members

  • None appointed

Vacant seats may be filled by co-option, please contact the Community Council

Contact Us

Community Council Liaison Officer

07890 275547


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