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Every agency has a duty to ensure the delivery of adult support and protection training to their staff, at a level appropriate to their role and responsibilities.

The Moray Council has employed a part-time Adult Protection Trainer to ensure that the above duty is fulfilled. A trainers group consisting of Adult Support and Protection Trainers from Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and the Moray Council meets on a regular basis to look at all aspects of training delivery. The training is therefore consistent in terms of content and delivery across the whole area. The training group functions under the auspices of the Grampian Adult Protection Committee.

The Adult Protection Trainer for The Moray Council area is Suzy Gentle.

Suzy can be contacted by e-mail on

Which training is right for me?

This will depend on your role and responsibilities. You and your Line Manager should come to a decision on this either in supervision or the Employee Review and Development process. Please refer to the Grampian Training Plan for further information on training that is available. If in doubt, please call the Adult Protection Unit or the Adult Protection Trainer.

I am new to the field of adult care, should I just start with Module 1?

Not necessarily. If you are in a senior position, or you have a relevant professional qualification, then you should commence with Module 2. If you are a care assistant or project worker, for example, with direct care responsibilities but no supervisory role, then Module 1 should be sufficient.

I work for a voluntary organisation, does that mean I don’t need to attend any training?

No. All organisations that work with “adults at risk” must ensure that their staff are adequately trained; this includes ancillary staff i.e., drivers, domestic staff, admin staff, caretakers, handypersons, activities organisers, etc.

Attendance at a course held away from the workplace is not the only option - the Training Plan will outline the other options available to you.

Can bespoke training be provided?

Yes. If your, or your organisation’s, training needs are not catered for in the existing programme, then training can be designed and delivered in-house. The Adult Protection Trainer has provided training to a variety of audiences in a variety of venues across Moray.

The Adult Protection Trainer will be very happy to help if you have any further questions regarding training.

How do I book a training place?

You can book a training place on any course by contacting or by phoning 01343 563850 or 563851.

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