Types of Benefit Fraud

Common types of Benefit Fraud include people not declaring that:

  • they have started work, or about changes to their earnings
  • they have a partner living with them
  • they have a pension, private or occupational
  • they are receiving a student loan, bursary or grant
  • they have savings or investments, or not telling us the true amount that they have inherited money
  • they are receiving other benefits or Tax Credits
  • that they have changed address
  • about other people living in their home
  • they own property or land, either in the UK or abroad

What Information is Needed in a Fraud Report?

There has to be good reason to investigate a person for benefit fraud therefore the more information you can give the more likely it is that it will be investigated.

The sort of information which is needed includes:

  • What you think the fraud is – what income, capital or household circumstances are involved  
  • Why you suspect fraud
  • Names – including any nicknames and aliases
  • Addresses
  • Descriptions – height, build, hair colour
  • Employment details – name and address of employer, type of work, hours of work and how much they earn
  • Vehicle details- make, model, registration, colour, markings etc.
  • Details of anyone else involved, including their name, description, vehicle and employment details
  • Dates – how long you suspect the fraud has been going on for
  • Times – any known daily times or patterns linked to the possible fraud
  • Anything else you think might be useful

Don't worry if you cannot provide all this information but please try to give as much information as you know.

Report Benefit Fraud

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