Services for Young Carers in Moray

Which agencies provide services?

Quarriers Carers' Support Service Moray is contracted by The Moray Council to provide services to young people (aged 18 years and under) throughout Moray who provide care to family members. They are also contracted by Moray Alcohol and Drug Partnership to specifically identify and support young people caring for family members who misuse alcohol or drugs.

Where do they offer help?

Quarriers work with young people both in school and at home

What services do they offer?

Quarriers provides one-to-one support for young people with caring roles to ensure that their caring responsibilities are minimised and that they have the opportunity to access the full range of opportunities available to young people.

This includes:

  • undertaking carers assessments;
  • supporting young carers to participate in existing recreational facilities in their community;
  • offering peer support opportunities which lead to accreditation of various awards;
  • working in multi-agency teams to ensure that the young person's caring role is minimised and that they are realising their full potential, both academically and socially;
  • offering age appropriate information, training and advice etc.

Quarriers also attend, where appropriate, meetings and appointments with and on behalf of young carers.

Quarriers follows GIRFEC principles and have a remit to raise awareness about the challenges facing young carers and support services available to them.

Scenario 1– A young person, who has recently started getting to school late and seems to be looking after herself less well, explains to her guidance teacher that she has a lot more to do at home, because her mother isn’t well. On asking further about this it becomes clear to the guidance teacher that the young person’s mother is being treated for a mental health problem.

Quarriers – offer one-to-one support to assess and minimise the caring role and impact on young person. We would also provide information, training and support, to help her better cope with caring role. We would liaise with relevant professionals to ensure co-ordinated support, as necessary, via the LIAP process.

Scenario 2 – A young person calls Quarriers to ask for help. They are looking after their father who has recently had a stroke. They are not sure about how this will affect their father long-term and are starting to struggle as they only have very limited knowledge of cooking so they are living on pot noodles and some microwave meals. They do not want anyone knowing that they are a carer especially their school.

Quarriers – we would put together a support plan for the young person.  This would include age specific information on father’s condition and its long term effect; also work with them on cooking skills and general household management.  We would also look at the impact on education and recreation and put measures in place such as accreditation for caring role etc to help with these as well as looking at what is available locally to give young person a break from caring. Where necessary, we would carry out a young carer’s assessment to find out what other needs there are and the impact of these.

If there are issues for the young carer at school that necessitate the involvement of school staff, we would support the young person to identify the right person to talk to and how to deliver what needed to be said.

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