Army Welfare Service (AWS)

The aim of the AWS Personnel Support is to help serving married and single personnel and families with any personal or family difficulties that arise, by providing a confidential, comprehensive and professional welfare service.

A mixture of military and civilian Army Welfare Workers are available in the UK, British Forces Germany and BATUS (Canada). Casualty Key Workers are also available in the UK to provide specialist support to injured soldiers.

Issues AWS can help with: relationship difficulties, bereavement, CSA concerns, parenting skills, child care, special needs, benefits information, housing debt, equal opportunities issues.

Contacting the Army Welfare Service

You can contact AWS direct. We will respond as quickly as we can, usually within seven days. We may ask you to come to the nearest AWS office. If this is not possible we will come to you.

There is an AWS team covering all locations. If you are unsure of where this might be you can contact the Army Welfare Information Service email: who will help you identify the team in a specific area.

Tel: 01980 615975 or 0800 032 6443
Fax: 013980 615417

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