FAQs: Materials Handling

How can I reduce my waste?

Contact our Commercial Waste Officer  to review your individual requirements, request a visit or details of other organisations who may be able to offer you specialist solutions.

More information on sources of funding to help minimise your waste can be found in our Commercial Waste Information Guide (PDF). This guide can be used to understand the type and quantity of waste you are generating and areas where reductions could take place. Alternatively, visit our Waste Minimisation for Businesses support section.

I only produce a small amount of waste. Can I take it to the local household recycling centre or home to put it in my domestic bin?

No. It is an offence to dispose of business waste in domestic bins and recycling centres. You would be in breach of your duty of care.

Household recycling centres and points are not licensed to receive business waste or domestic household/garden waste which is delivered by people running waste carrying or gardening businesses.

I only produce a small amount of waste. Can I put it in the street litter bin?

No. This would be a breach of your duty of care and is an offence.

If you do not produce your documents when asked by an authorised officer you may be issued with a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice or taken to court and liable - upon conviction - to pay a fine of up to £5,000.

How do I know if the person I give my waste to is a registered waste carrier?

SEPA hold a list of carriers and brokers registered in Scotland. Transferring waste to an unregistered company or person is an offence, liable upon summary conviction to a fine of up to £5,000.

Why has my bin not been emptied?

         ✓  Have you presented the bin correctly?
              •  If the bin is overfilled (i.e. the lid won't close) or the bin is not presented on the kerbside, then 
                 the bin will not be uplifted by the collection crew. Side waste will also not be uplifted by the 
                 collection crew.
              • The bin should be presented by 7:30am to avoid being missed.
         ✓  Is the bin contaminated?   
              • If the bin contains the wrong materials (e.g. recyclable materials in a waste bin) it will not be 
                uplifted by the collection crew.
         ✓  Do you have the correct collection date?
              • If you are unsure of your collection dates, please call us on 0300 1234565.

If you think your bin has been missed, please call us on 0300 1234565. We will need information about the location of the missed bin, including the type of waste, your address and the date of the missed collection.

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