Milne's Fitness Suite

Milne's Library and Fitness Suite, Milne's High School
01343 821434


Milne's Fitness Suite

The Fitness Suite is fully equipped with Pulse Training Equipment including resistance and cardiovascular machines.

All users of the gym must have undertaken an induction.  This will take about 1 to 1½ hours to complete – you will then be able to use the gym during an "open session" at a time convenient to you.

Classes currently offered include:

*BACK ATTACK* - A class of exercises and stretches to help reduce back pain by strengthening and mobilising the back.

Tabata - Cardio based, total-body conditioning programme

Metafit - High intensity, interval workouts to fire up the metabolism, tone muscle and burn fat.

Spin Cycle - Use a stationery bike to increase energy, cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength. BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Kettlebell - Use kettlebells to develop your core strength (back, hips & mid section) 

Fit Life Exercise - A circuit based class comprising cardio, fat burning and weights exercises,

Step Aerobics - aerobic exercise using a step, which can be tailored to individual needs by inserting risers under the step.  BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Additional classes are available.  Please see the programme below for days and times of all classes and further information.

Fitness Suite Information (PDF)



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