Child's Planning Process

The Child's Plan is part of the GIRFEC approach to promote, support and safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.  From April 1st 2019, the Moray Revised Child Planning Process will take effect.  The Child Planning process, plan and guidance have all been updated and can be found at the links below:

Child's Plan Documents 

Child's Planning Process Flowchart
Section 1 - Child's Details
Section 2 - Record of a Meeting
Section 3 - Action Plan
Section 4 - Chronology
Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice - for use by NHS staff only
Guidance Sections 1-4

Child's Planning Process Guidance 

NB All of the following documents are subject to change at very short notice. To ensure you are using the correct version, it is important documents are only accessed through the website.

Getting it Right for Every Child in Moray Pathway
ASN Staged Intervention for Education

Named Person Service for Exceptional Cases
Moray Lead Professional Resolution flowchart

Child Protection and Wellbeing Policy

Additional Resources

Resource Panel for Health, Social Work and Multiagency cases

Education Panel for Single Agency resources in schools

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