FOI Request Hygeine Inspection Reports

Request 101001440721

Please provide the information requested for each 12 month period from February 1, 2015, to February 1, 2017, or for the most recent full two-year period you have available (and please make this clear in your reply).
1. How many nurseries, schools, colleges or universities in your council area have received improvement required ratings following hygiene inspections?
2. Please provide names of each facility outlined in question 1, and include date of inspection.
3. Please provide relevant inspection reports for each facility outline in question 1.

Response 22-03-2017


2 and 3. Please see reports:

Elgin High     Elgin Academy     Buckie High        New Elgin Primary     Seafield Hospital     Dr Greys Hospital     Millbank Primary     RAF Lossiemouth Childcare

Please note - One of the documents, RAF Lossiemouth Childcare Centre is recorded as a pass but was an IR at the first and second visit.

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