FOI Request Injury Compensation Payments

Request 101001455473

1. In the last three years, how much money has your council paid out in compensation following personal injury claims, and work related accident claims?
Please break down by total amount for the last three financial years (2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 so far).
This request relates to the year the compensation money was paid out, even if the incident occurred in a previous year.
This request includes injuries which were caused due to faults on council-maintained roads.

2. Broken down for the same financial years above, please state the amount paid in legal costs relating to personal injury claims - including those where cases were unsuccessful. Please also break down these costs by legal firm. This relates to the year the money was paid to the firm, even if the incident or conclusion of the case occurred in an earlier year.

3. For each successful case (where a claimant was awarded compensation for a personal injury or accident at work), please state:
• The year the money was paid out
• The total amount of compensation money paid
• The total amount spent on legal costs relating to the case - such as solicitors fees for both the council and the claimant. Please exclude any legal fees that were reimbursed.
•  The type of injury, where it occurred (e.g. council building, school, etc.) and how it occurred.
•  Whether the claimant was a staff member, or member of the public.

Response 27-03-2017

2014-2015  1 payment of £30,000/Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome including Carpel tunnel syndrome/developed over 36 years using vibrating power tools working as a joiner for Moray Council


2015-2016  3 payments made totalling £8,100

1) £2100/ member of the public tripped over section of old exposed kerbing beside the underpass in Elgin breaking left hand.

2) £3000/ member of staff slipped while climbing onto back of arctic trailer, burning left forearm on exhaust pipe which was still hot at Keenans Recycling, New Deer.

3) £3000/ agency member of staff burnt by hogweed while cutting long grass in Lhanbryde.


2016-2017 4 payments made totalling £11,200

1) £3000/ member of staff injured left shoulder when a kitchen unit he was transferring into a steel container unit in Elgin, slipped.

2) £5000/ rural skills trainee slipped, burning his right hand when he grabbed hot metal rail of fishing ladder at the Fochabers burn.

3) £3050/member of staff injured right elbow while up a ladder which collapsed in Elgin depot.

4) £150/ pupil fell off a bench while walking blindfolded during PE in a Forres Primary School, injuring mouth & teeth when he struck his face on a sloping wall.


All legal fees are paid by Zurich Municipal, Moray Council's insurers.

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