FOI Request Private Hire and Taxi License Applications

Request 101001470762

Can you please provide the following with regards to driver licence and operator licence applications:
1. Details of the checks undertaken during the vetting of applicants, excluding the vetting undertaken by Police Scotland 

2. A copy of your vetting standard operating procedure 

3. Does the vetting include checking if the applicant has previously held or had a similar licence refused, revoked, suspended etc from another licensing authority?
4. If no vetting, apart from that undertaken by Police Scotland, takes place, has a risk assessment detailing the risks of allowing the granting of licences been undertaken?
5. If a risk assessment has been completed please provide a copy?
6. If no risk assessment has been undertaken please provide details of why not?
7. Details of the training undertaken by all employees involved in the vetting procedures, not including the vetting undertaken by Police Scotland.

Response 18-04-2017

  1. Licence Summary from DVLA and Immigration checks
  2. and
  3. This question is put to the applicant on the application form
  4. If there is no objection from the Police and licence summary, immigration and medical checks are satisfactory we are given delegated powers to grant the licence.  Otherwise the application goes before the Licensing Committee to make a decision.
  5. As above- please see response to question 4.
  6. As above- please see response to question 4
  7. Home Office training on Immigration checks.  Undertaken by Customer Services and Legal Services

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