FOI Request Benefits Cap (2)

Request 101001479696

1. Does the local authority have any measures in place (or does it plan to introduce any measures) to assist or support households affected by the reduced benefit cap. If so, please describe the measures.

2. Has the local authority initiated any discussions with local support networks and / or Jobcentre Plus to develop a joined up approach to respond to the impact of the benefit cap?

3. Is the local authority in a position to ensure that all families affected by the lowered benefit cap can access housing payments to fully mitigate the impact of the reduced benefit cap? If so, is the local authority likely to be able to maintain this support in the long term? If not, please explain why.

Response 20-04-2017

1. Households affected are identified from the scan and ATLAS notifications received from the DWP. DHP applications are available to all those affected and decisions made on a case by case basis. DHP decision letters advise applicants of other support and assistance available. 

2. Regular meetings are held with JCP to discuss caseloads and ensure continuity of support to households affected. Welfare Reforms, including the Benefit Cap, are discussed at Operational Group meeting attended by local support networks, DWP and other departments within the Council.

3.DHP funding for 2016/17 from the DWP was limited. Scottish Government has the responsibility for funding in 2017/18 and whilst our allocation has increased full mitigation of the benefit cap is not a specified priority. DHP applications will continue to be considered on a case by case basis and awards made based on a financial assessment, demand and available budget. 

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