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Request 101001480467

Please could you provide the following information regarding your current Software System:
1. What Software Systems are currently used by the Council for Planning, Building control and Public Protection/Licencing/Environmental Health?
2. When does each contract expire ?
3. Do you have any planned upgrades of the software? If so, when?
4. How much does each system cost annually?
5. Are you planning to go to market for a different Software System? If so, when?
6. How many users / licenses for each system do you have?
7. Who is the person responsible for your Software System? Please provide full name, title and contact information if possible.

Response 08-05-2017

1. IDOX Uniform.

2. March 2018.

3. No.

4. The annual contract value is approximately £37,000 but this includes a range of products not separately identifiable.

5. No.

6. 70 concurrent user licences

7. Phil MacDonald,  ICT Applications Manager,

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