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1. What are Moray Council's plans regarding central governments initiative to improve the national infrastructure for Electric Vehicle charging?
2. What provision do you provide already?
a. Number and type of chargers already deployed.
i. Where are they located?
b. Are these chargers available to the public?
i. If so are there any access restrictions?
c. How were these chargers funded?
i. If OLEV funded under which scheme and when?
3. What are your plans to deploy chargers or increase the number of chargers in public places and when is this scheduled to happen?
4. If you already have deployed charging what percentage of usage if for your vehicles in comparison to public utilisation.
5. If your chargers are in public car parks do you or your car park management partners enforce them and if so what is the penalty for inappropriate use?
i. Are these bays clearly marked as Charging bays
6. What are the roadblocks that Moray Council has encountered in trying to deliver the EV infrastructure?
7. Does your Planning department require all new car parking where the public will be the primary visitors, ie retail parks, superstore, leisure facilities etc. to have EV charging provisions

Response 19-04-2017

1)All funding for the provision of Electric Car Chargers in Moray has been provided in the form of grants through Transport Scotland. This allows for full reimbursement of the procurement and installation of a wide range of charging equipment. Moray Council do not currently have a budget for such equipment.

2) Current provision is as follows and has been built up over the last 3-4 years

                a) Northfield Terrace, Elgin - Rapid Charger

                b)Forres Enterprise Park - Fast Charger

                c) Reidhaven Square, Keith - Rapid Charger

                d) Main Street, Tomintoul - Rapid Charger

                e) Cluny Place, Buckie - Fast Charger

                f) Station Car Park, Lossiemouth - Fast Charger

                g) Station House, Victoria Road, Aberlour - Fast Charger

All sites are publically accessible and there are no access restrictions.

I believe that an element of the funding package provided by Transport Scotland is provided through OLEV, but the proportions are no known, and all funding claims are made through Transport Scotland.

3) At the present time no information about additional funding has been provided by Transport Scotland, and therefore Moray Council have no proposals to install additional charging units.

4) All chargers listed above are used 100% by the general public. Other chargers are provided in Moray Council staff car parks for use by limited number of electric pool cars

5) Current Car Parking Charges are waived for motorists charging their electric/hybrid vehicles. All bays are marked and signed for the use of charging vehicles only.

6) If grant funding is available Moray Council will consider installing new chargers, but there is no internal budget for such equipment.

7) Yes

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