FOI Request Building Defects

Request 101001486076

• Please list the names of any public buildings (including but not limited to: offices, care homes, waste management facilities, fire and police stations, sheltered housing, libraries, leisure centres) which have been built since 1996 and where potentially dangerous defects have been found between 1 April 2007 and 1 April 2017. This would NOT include expected, minor wear and tear maintenance work;
• Please detail what these defects were and what disruption to services they caused (please provide all relevant documents including but not limited to building surveys, emails, memos and reports), when they were reported, when the fixes were completed and at what cost to your organisation;
• Please list when the construction of each building listed in part one of this request was completed and how it was financed i.e. PPP/NPD/DBFM/capital funded.

Response 25-04-2017

There have been no major structural defects encountered in any of our buildings constructed since 1996

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