FOI Request Asbestos in Schools and Claims

Request 101001487451

1. The number of the schools in your borough that contain asbestos.
2. The date and outcome of the last independent audit or inspection of each of these schools Asbestos Management Plans.
3. The details of any reported incidents of asbestos exposure in these schools between 2011 and 2016.
4. The number of school employees (existing and retired staff to include teaching staff, school support staff and caretakers, etc) that have pursued a claim against you for exposure to asbestos within one of your schools.
5. The number of these claims that have been settled.
6. The amount of money that has been paid in settlement of these claims (with and without your authority accepting responsibility).

Response 09-05-2017

1. 37

2. Inspection details are available in PDF format HERE

3. Nil

4. Nil

5. Nil

6. Nil

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