FOI Request Gardening Waste and Composting

Request 101001547064

Collecting garden waste:

1. Do you charge for collection of garden / green waste?
2. If you do charge, how much do you charge for this in the financial year 17/18? 3. What service to they get for this charge? e.g. are there restrictions such as the number of bags?
4. If you charge for garden waste collection, what year did you start to do this?
5. What months do you offer a garden waste collection?
6. How often is garden waste collected?
7. What is the total number of households, and percentage of households, where garden waste is collected?
8. Are there any additional garden waste charges (e.g. Christmas trees disposal)?


9. Do you compost the collected garden waste?
10. If so, what percentage do you sell this back to the public, and at what price? Please include details of the weight of the compost for this price.
11. If so, what percentage do you use for public grounds and gardens? What is the value of this to you in the most recent financial year you have the data for?
12. Are there any additional sources of income from collected garden waste?

Total costs (Forecast 17/18 and actual 16/17):

13. What is the cost to you each year of collecting and disposing of garden waste?
14. How much did you make from any collection charges and sale to the public of composted waste?

Response 18-07-2017

  1. No.
  2. N/A.
  3. N/A.
  4. N/A.
  5. All.
  6. Fortnightly.
  7. Available to 100% of residents.  We serviced 42,284.
  8. No.
  9. Yes.
  10. We do not re-sell.
  11. N/A.
  12. No.
  13. 16/17 £558,140 – Forecast for 17/18 £570,000
  14. N/A.

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