FOI Request - Covid and Non-Covid Related Absences

Request 101002703360

Can you please confirm your rate of absence for each of the below services between 1st March 2019 and today’s date?

• Cleansing/Waste
• School support staff including facilities management (cleaning, catering, janitorial etc)
• Social Care
Could we have these figures broken down by month and by Covid-related and non-Covid-related absences, and expressed by headcount, as days lost and as a percentage of the total workforce?

Response 24-03-2021

Please find the requested information attached here


Numbers of 5 or less have been removed as disclosure could risk identifying individuals. This information is therefore exempt under section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, 'personal information'. 

The figures provided are the % of absence (days lost) within the specified service based on the complete workforce rather than as the absence rate within said service.

EE – Employee

Prior to March 2020 there were no absences related to COVID. 

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