FOI Request - Contract Suppliers and Spend

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I wish to submit to the organisation a freedom of information request relating to:
1. Contact Centre/Call Centre Contracts
2. Inbound Network Services Contracts
3. Website Traffic Spend/Analysis (even if hosted by an Agency)
   a) Number of Visits per month (Average)
   b) Who is the supplier/agency/internal stakeholder responsible for hosting/maintaining and managing the website(s)?

Please send me the following information for each:
1. Incumbent Supplier: For each of the contract(s) can you please provide me with the supplier of the Contract?
2. Annual Average Spend: the annual average (over 3 years) spend for each supplier?
3. Who is the senior officer (outside of procurement) responsible for these contract areas (including website)?

Response 31-03-2021

Call Centre: 

1. CRM - Lagan (Verint),
Call  Recording - Red Box
Telephony – Avaya AACC6

2. CRM (main application, customer portal & online forms) – £41074
Call Recording - £4826
Telephony – In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please be advised that this information is not held -  costs included in overall telephony solution

3. Customer Contact Manager, ICT Front Office Applications Team Leader and Senior ICT Officer - Network Team

Inbound Network Services Contracts:

Not applicable to all questions

Website Traffic Spend/Analysis:

62,378 average users per month.  

1. Not applicable

2. Not applicable

3. Please find this information on our website here

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