FOI Request - Mobile Telephony Services

Request 101002830512

Please provide complete answers to the following questions:

1. How many employees are at your organisation?

2. How many mobile phone and mobile broadband (data only) connections do you currently have?

3. What is the split between mobile phone and mobile broadband connections?

4. Who is your mobile phone network provider?

5. Did you switch providers on your last renewal?

6. Please provide a monthly breakdown of your total mobile phone contract costs for the past 12 months, and state whether VAT has been included in the numbers given.

7. Does your contract include a hardware, tech or transformation fund?

8. If the answer to question 7 is yes, what was the value of the fund upon the signing of the current contract?

9. How have you sourced the contract?

10. What is the contract term length?

11. How long do you have remaining on your current contract?

12. Who is the primary contact for this contract?

Response 26-07-2021

1.  5040 (correct on 22nd July from latest report available)

2.   Approximately 2420

3. 99% mobile phones, 1% mobile broadband

4.  EE

5.  No

6. Approximately £8,600 per month excluding VAT

7.  Yes

8. N/A

9.  Collaborative procurement via Scottish Procurement

10.  4 years

11. 1 year

12.  ICT Infrastructure Manager, contact details can be found on our website here

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