Moray Learning Estate Strategy

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Scotland’s Learning Estate Strategy 2019

Scotland's Learning Estate Strategy 2019 sets out a strategy for improving the school estate across Scotland to better meet the needs of young people and the wider community.  The shared vision, aspiration for the school estate and guiding principles and objectives remain valid and a good basis for developing our approach within Moray.

The Moray Learning Estate Strategy

The Moray Learning Estate Strategy was approved by Council in December 2020.  The basis of the strategy is the occupancy, suitability and condition of our schools with the outcome being a more efficient and fit-for-purpose school estate for communities across Moray. 

To provide a sustainable education service aiming for excellence, a learning estate strategy is required which will provide our learners with the best learning environments whilst ensuring there is sufficient capacity as Moray grows as an economy.

It is therefore vital that the strategy for Moray’s learning estate takes the following factors into consideration:

  • School catchment areas
  • Schools in communities
  • Condition, suitability and financing of the school estate
  • Management of schools or groups of schools
  • Delivery of learning experience
  • Distances between schools
  • Educational provision in small schools
  • Projected school rolls
  • Early years strategy

Next Steps 

We understand that improvements can be made to learning environments across Moray.  The Learning Estate Strategy outlines our commitment to the development of lifetime maintenance plans for schools that fall below the B/B standard in terms of suitability and condition.  Full condition surveys of all Moray Schools will be undertaken over the next 12-18months to identify major upgrade works and prioritise projects to address these.  

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