A Sustainable Learning Estate engagement

Why are we engaging?

The Moray Learning Estate Strategy

Approved by Council in December 2020 as a strategic approach and updated in 2022, the Moray Learning Estate Strategy sets out our vision of providing a sustainable education service aiming for excellence.  

The basis of the strategy is the occupancy, suitability and condition of our schools with the outcome being a more efficient and fit-for-purpose school estate for communities across Moray.The strategy will see the development of individual solutions that meet the varied needs of areas across Moray, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Whilst there aren’t any specific proposals at this stage.

Our ambition is to make the school estate across the authority more sustainable. We need to ensure our schools are the right size and fit for the communities they serve; that are energy efficient; offer equity in education; and are fit for 21st Century learners. An evaluation of the existing school estate in combination with an extensive consultation with stakeholders will now be carried out to inform a new School Model Proposal for the region's future school estate.  

What is the engagement process?

We will be engaging in each associated school group (ASG) throughout Moray individually, allowing for a more detailed approach within each community.

We will be holding focused meetings with key stakeholders, a community drop in session and online questionnaire. This is open to parents, carers & families, community councils and school staff and any other groups identified through the engagement process.

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