January FOI Requests

Date Request Department
10-01-2022 Social Care Support Hours Multiple
11-01-2022 Dog Fouling Multiple
  Deer Road Collision Data Environmental & Commercial Services
  Homeschooling Education
12-01-2022 Road Marking Changes Environmental & Commercial Services
  School Crossing Patrols Environmental & Commercial Services
  CCTV Data Housing and Property Services
  Truerlein Correspondence and Documents Economic Growth & Development
13-01-2022 Electric Vehicle Charger Usage Environmental & Commercial Services
  Vacant Initial Teacher Education Positions HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Primary Teacher Vacancies HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Secondary Teacher Vacancies HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Homecare Contracts Adult Social Care
14-01-2022 Support For Care Leavers Children & Families & Criminal Justice
17-01-2022 Care Experience Bursary and Housing Benefit Governance Strategy and Performance
  Child and Young Persons Plan Signatures Education
  Teacher Absences and Resignations Due To Covid HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Potholes and Compensation Environmental & Commercial Services
  Primary School Swimming Lessons Education
  Chief Data Officers Multiple
18-01-2022 Community Payback Orders Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Opiate Replacement Therapy Adult Social Care
  Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab Adult Social Care
  Top 25 Library Books Borrowed in 2021 Education Resources & Communities
19-01-2022 Internet Acceptable Use Policy Education
20-01-2022 Economic Development Staff and Vacant Properties Multiple
  Processing Wind Farm Planning Applications Spend Economic Growth & Development
  Breakfast Provision In Schools Education
21-01-2022 Technology Enabled Care Adult Social Care
  Libraries, Leisure Centres and Art and Music Tuition Multiple
  Senior Management Pay Scales HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Spend on Public Artwork Financial Services
  Councillors Data Multiple
  Bin Collections, Potholes and Streetlights Environmental & Commercial Services
24-01-2022 Private Sector Providers of Homeless Accommodation Housing and Property Services
  Health and Social Care Contacts Adult Social Care
  Residential Rehabilitation Adult Social Care
  Council Tax Contacts Financial Services
  Social Workers Working With Children and Families Multiple
26-01-2022 Performance Reporting Governance, Strategy & Performance
  Pothole Reports, Repairs and Compensation Environmental & Commercial Services
  Bin Collections Environmental & Commercial Services
  Play Park Spend Environmental & Commercial Services
  Chief Officer and Chief Executive Pay HR, ICT and Organisational Development
28-01-2022 Swastika Graffiti Removal Costs Environmental & Commercial Services
31-01-2022 Potholes and Roads Maintenance Environmental & Commercial Services
  Safeguarding Reviews and Childrens Services Referrals Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  FTE Staff Information Multiple

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