FOI Request - Rewilding

Request 101003010520

Please can I request the below information as a Freedom of Information request?

1. How does the council define rewilding?

2. Do you have any current or planned policies/initiatives on rewilding? If yes, can you provide details of these?

3. Have you set aside any budget or funding for rewilding?


Response 16-03-2022

There is a similar Freedom of information response located here.

1. The council does not have a definition of rewilding.

2. We currently have a programme of working with communities to introduce additional areas of wildflower plantings into communities across Moray.  We aim to introduce up to 8 sites each year over the next 3 years.  A copy of the Wildflowers in the Landscape report explaining this programme can be found here.   Following consultation with Community Councils sites have been identified as potential planting sites in 2022 and work is currently underway with communities to develop plans for these.  Ongoing work under the budget of the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund include the development of management plans to enhance biodiversity at Milbuies Nature Park, and the Wards Wildlife Park, rhododendron clearing, as well as biodiversity projects in school grounds.

3. The Planning department has allocated £10k Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund to assist in the delivery of the above programme in 2022.

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